It was a nice family trip where we enjoyed a lot. Although I have attended many events of varied nature, there is only one event that I enjoyed most and would not forget in my life. Jan 5, 2019 · The happiest day of my life Essay – 400 Words. Since I had not expected any such thing to happen to me, and I had been feeling sorry for myself, this offer came as a great surprise.

The happiest day of your life essay 150 words

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I always thank god for giving me such wonderful moment in my life.

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Best Day of My Life.

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Be sure to capitalize proper nouns (e. We have different types of days in our lives, some are ordinary while some are special. We ate dinner, then desserts creds to my mom for the yummy dessert, now time for presents. The Happiest Days of Your Life. The Happiest Day of My Life essay 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words in English helps the students with their class. .

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So, let’s begin.

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One gets plucked in the examination; he calls this day as the most miserable.

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Be sure to capitalize proper nouns (e.

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It was my wedding.

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