The Romantic period of classical music lasted for much of the nineteenth century. Romanticism celebrates metaphor, ambiguity, suggestion, allusion and symbol and as a result, instrumental music, which was shunned by the early Church, is now favored. The Romantic era was characterized by great strides in the art of instrumentation, and, in fact, the use of instrumental colour became one of the most salient features of this music. The Renaissance Music Period covers the time from c.

Most of the instrumental music from the romantic period are

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We are going to look at the key features of Renaissance music, including its composers, the typical instruments used, the sacred and secular forms.

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In literature, authors like Byron, Scott, Wordsworth and Goethe led the way.

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This is for educational purposes only. Music was widely expected to.

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The lyrical melodies and passionate songs of the Romantic period continue to mesmerize music lovers even to this day.

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. A brief history of the opera, part 2; Opera was a big part of the Romantic era, so it seemed important to plant this video here. . Music in the Romantic Era. It. Program music might attempt to mirror an existing story from a book or play through sound, or it might evoke a more general scene from nature.

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Some composers in the Romantic period used their music to try to describe a specific place, item, person or idea.

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Expansive symphonies, virtuosic piano music, dramatic operas, and passionate songs took inspiration from art and literature.

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-Romanticism encouraged innovation.

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Instrumental Music Of The Romantic Era: The Piano And The Symphony Orchestra.

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