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a disease where a parent sickens their child to get attention for themselves.

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3, 2008, in Huntsville Hospital. MUMMY blogger Lacey Spears — jailed for killing her five-year-old son by. cbsnews. Jamie Lynn Spears Claimed Her Parents Pushed Her To Have An Abortion When She Got Pregnant At 16 And “Tossed Insults” At Her When She Decided. . In 2014, when he was nearly six-years-old, Garnett Spears passed away due to a sudden illness. Munchausen syndrome by proxy — a form of child abuse where a parent, usually the mother, sickens a child on purpose for sympathy or attention — cast a shadow over the case of Lacey Spears.

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Prosecutors described.

phishing as a service githubIn February of 2015, the prosecution and defense put on their case in Lacey Spears’ trial for the murder of her 5-year-old son, Garnett. stevens transcript request

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People close to his mother, Lacey Spears, said she seemed to be a loving and caring mother.

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