. If you are strong enough to win, restoring the Deku Tree just requires dropping into the chasm under the tree, then beating the gloom hands/phantom ganon. Be prepared for a challenging opponent in the form of Gloom Hands within this arena. . Freeze them, then bomb arrow, rinse and repeat.

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Same I just used the plane thing.

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Once there, you need to help the Deku Tree by defeating Gloom Hands and Phantom Ganon.

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1 day ago · Curing the Great Deku Tree, and by extension, restoring the Korok Forest, is going to take a bit of combat prowess, plenty of healing items, and no small amount of powerful weapons. You will find the Great Deku Tree Chasm, which leads to a small self-contained arena in the Depths.

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Get your hands on the Depths Armor Set if possible and prepare a couple meals with Sundelions to restore hearts blocked by gloom.

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. Party-Astronaut-1656 • 3 days ago. Nothing major. Before you jump inside, we recommend you prepare. Move underneath the tree roots that hold the platform where you talk to the Great Deku Tree and look for a passage leading inside of the tree. I focus. • 19 days ago.

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hair caught in machineContinue to head towards the pin to find the Rikonasum Lightroot at the coordinates (0410, 2131, -0592) and a. insulin peak quiz

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View community ranking In the Top 10% of largest communities on Reddit The one place I had to fight the Gloom Hands, how do you like my approach to cure the Deku tree.

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there’s a platform with gloom on it.

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Once they reach the Rikonasum Lightroot, they can ascend to the surface using a nearby structure and come face-to-face with the tree.

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