0v6, finally decided to address my issues with the vent setting being stuck on defrost as winter is fastly approaching. You will need to check the vent actuator to see if its functioning. . F-150.

Ford vent control stuck on defrost

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If AC only come out of defrost vents this should fix it.

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I had a vacuum leak which caused my HVAC controls to get stuck in defrost mode which after doing some research is the default.

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there should be a line broken or not hooked up. Stuck on Defrost. See. 0. I checked behind the control panel everything is plugged in snug. .

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2006 focus cant get it off defrost dont know exact name but its the knob that changed the ac/heat from defrost to - Ford 2006 Focus question.

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Driver Side Wheel Keeps Getting Very Hot.

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My other question is before i tear in the dash too deep,.

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