Compound nouns, for instance, are usually written as one word; compound verbs are generally written as two; compound adjectives are often written with a hyphen. Quantity. For example: A cold-blooded killer. Compound adjectives are adjectives that are made up of multiple individual words. The compound adjective is made with a number + a period of time.

Common compound adjectives

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Nov 6, 2022 · Definition.

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It is quite common to see compound adjectives used with heights and weights: A two-ton truck.

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The compound adjective is made with a number + a period of. One very common use of compound adjectives is with periods of time. COMPOUND ADJECTIVES Compound Adjective Practice A compound adjective is an adjective that contains two or more words. . (If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed there’s a compound adjective in the above subheading!) Some examples: chocolate-coated; fair-skinned; fun-loving. , in-depth). Examples are double-check, cost-effective, around-the-clock, hand-to-hand, forward-thinking, eyeliner, and iced tea.

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Compound adjectives are adjectives made up of more than one word (usually two, sometimes three).

ibomma telugu movies new 2023 sir movie downloadSome compound adjectives formed with 1)an adverb or a noun plus a past participle a great-looking car. m1 vs m2 geekbench

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A hyphen is used to link 'four' and 'foot' to show that it is one adjective.

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homesick), or in an -ing or -ed adjective form (e.

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A compound adjective is an adjective that is formed using two or more words that express a single idea (e.

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